Theatre as Voice (a guest blog by Emily Jones)

One of my long-term hopes for this blog is that it may become a forum space for students as well as teachers of all stripes to reflect on the places where teaching, learning, theatre and activism cross over, and on what the results of those crossings-over may be. Below, and with her permission, I’m reblogging a recent post by Emily Jones, a third year student in theatre and performance at Lancaster University; here, Emily reflects on her experience as part of Lancaster’s V-Day labour, and in particular its production of The Vagina Monologues. Emily writes thoughtfully, openly, and with commitment about the challenging work of supporting her peers, and learning from them, as V-Day opens up difficult terrain for participants and spectators alike. Thank you, Emily!

Drama Queens Review

This is a guest post by Emily Jones, a third year Theatre student at Lancaster. Emily originally wrote this for a half-day Gender and Women’s Studies seminar which I co- organised with a colleague Anne Cronin (from Sociology) entitled ‘Is the Personal Still Political?: Young Women and Sexualisation’.

The impetus for this seminar was our alarm at evidence of the growth of ‘lad’ culture on University campuses across the country and this event included a brilliant presentation based on their research into this phenomenon at Lancaster by first year Gender and Women’s Studies students. Other papers were given by postgraduates and lectures on the topic of ‘laddism’ more broadly but also on femininity, queer identities and on the need to educate young women about their sexuality in positive terms.

While some of the stories and evidence that emerged from this event were alarming, it felt positive, productive and considering the…

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