As promised… our collaborative class review of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2014!

In my last post I talked about a review essay my performance studies students and I co-wrote for the brand-new issue of Canadian Theatre Review, sharing a bit about our working process and a few excerpts from the piece. Now, I’m happy to announce that the editor in chief of CTR, my good friend Laura Levin, has green-lighted my sharing the entire, published review here on the blog. Hooray!

Below is a link to the official PDF of the review; if you decide to share it or to cite it yourself, please note that it comes from Canadian Theatre Review 163 (Summer 2015). For those who don’t work in theatre and performance in Canada, CTR is the country’s leading crossover theatre magazine, meaning that it publishes a healthy mix of scholarly pieces, interviews, a substantial amount of writing by artists, as well as original scripts, book and performance reviews in each issue. Issues are themed, and the vast majority are guest-edited. This particular issue, titled “Performance Futures: Imagining Theatre in 2030”, was edited by Jenn Stephenson and Laura Levin, and is well worth a look in its entirety if you have the time and inclination (check out the full table of contents here).



Taking the Measure of Nuit Blanche 2014

(Click above to download the review!)

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