Writing abroad (Dispatches from the end of summer…)

I’ve not posted in this space in a couple of weeks, partly because it’s the end of the summer (oh blessed goddess, where did the summer go?!), and partly because I’ve been writing and posting elsewhere. I’m very happy to be part of a couple of different online communities, and I’m also very happy to share my contributions to those communities here with you.

I’ve taken on a new monthly gig with Fit is a Feminist Issue, run by my two colleagues and friends Sam Brennan and Tracy Isaacs; I reblogged my first regular post with them at the end of last month (check it out here), and this week I contributed my second regular post, on the exercise challenges my mom faces as a person living with dementia in a wheelchair, and how she and I are addressing those challenges using retail therapy. This one is called “Shopping is my cardio (no, really!)”, and you can have a look at it here.

Last Friday I also reviewed a piece of local theatre for Keith Tomasek, the brains behind Stratfordfestivalreviews.com. Keith does his utmost to draw much-needed attention to local performance work in Southwestern Ontario, beginning with work showcased at the acclaimed Stratford Festival of Canada and branching off from there. I’m both grateful to Keith for what he does for the arts in our communities and keen to support his commitment to thoughtful, engaged, critical theatre reviewing whenever I can. My review, of Troubadour Theatre Collective‘s terrific production of David Hare’s classic 1995 play Skylight, is available here.

That’s it from me for now! I hope these treats make tasty end of summer reading, and that your days at the beach aren’t quite done…yet.


Next week I’ll be back to start the semester with that promised post about costume dramas, redux – featuring thoughts on Outlander season 2, Orange is the New Black, and Strange Empire. Feminist historical fiction, here we come.

Till then!


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