Recent publications

In my research I work on a variety of topics in theatre studies, performance studies, and performance theory.

I often use feminist theories and methodologies, and I consider myself to be politically feminist; that means I actively concern myself with sexual and gender equality – for everyone on the sex and gender spectrum – in everything I do.

I’m also currently the editor in chief of Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches théâtrales au Canada, the journal of record for the Canadian Association for Theatre Research. We are a bilingual publication and welcome work from across the globe on topics of interest to Canadian theatre and performance scholars. Our website is here; please visit to see our latest issues, and to learn about how to submit an article, forum piece, or book review query.

Kim’s recent books and projects in print

Theory for Theatre Studies: Space (2018) is the book I wrote in two hours a day! (Check out my post from 21 December 2017 for more intel.) I’m proud to announce its publication in February 2019.


Preview | Buy Now


A Cultural History of Theatre in the Modern Age was a labour of editing love. It features essays by: Michael McKinnie; Nicholas Ridout; Kirsten Pullen; Joanne Tompkins + me; Marlis Schweitzer + Christin Essin; Ric Knowles, Heather Davis-Fisch, + Jill Carter; Aoife Monks + Michelle Liu Carriger; Sarah Bay Cheng; Tim Murray + Ashley Ferro-Murray; and Dassia Posner. And it’s fantastic.

The book is expensive, as it’s part of the “Cultural History Of” series from Bloomsbury; check your library, or ask them to buy it!



Theatre & Feminism (2015) is part of Palgrave’s acclaimed Theatre & series of books for students, introducing key topics in theatre studies in accessible, short, affordable volumes. You can buy a copy of the book here.



Performance and the Global City, edited by D.J. Hopkins and Kim Solga (Palgrave, 2013) is now out in paperback. And it just won (with its sister volume below) the 2016 ATHE Excellence in Editing Award! We are chuffed and grateful. Grab a copy here.



New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays and New Canadian Realisms: New Essays on Canadian Theatre Vol. 2, both edited by Roberta Barker and Kim Solga (Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2012).

I’m very proud to announce that the play collection won the 2013 Patrick O’Neill Award for the best edited volume on a Canadian theatre topic published in 2012, and that Natalie Alvarez and Patrick Leroux, both contributors to the essay collection, shared the 2013 Richard Plant Prize for the best essay on a Canadian theatre topic in English published in 2012. Chapeau!

To order, please visit

NCR Plays cover proof April 2012



The Activist Classroom: Performance and Pedagogy is the name of my special issue of Canadian Theatre Review (#147, summer 2011) devoted to exactly what it says on the tin. To order a copy, visit

CTR 147 Summer 2011 Electronic Promo Page


Violence Against Women in Early Modern Performance: Invisible Acts (Palgrave MacMillan, 2009) is my first solo-authored monograph. You can grab the paperback or ebook here.

Solga ppb jacket proof


Performance and the City, edited by D.J. Hopkins, Shelley Orr, and Kim Solga (Palgrave, 2009), is also out in paperback. Click here to order.

P+TC jacket final


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