On taking a break!

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning might remember that I am a fan of Giles Fraser, the priest in charge at St Mary’s, Newington (London), and a regular columnist at The Guardian. I’m not religious (though I do consider myself spiritually inclined, in a casual-but-curious sort of way), but Dr Fraser is not a zealot or even especially orthodox: rather, he’s a sensible, thoughtful, and inspiring thinker and writer who funnels his compelling imagination through his Anglican ministry. This past weekend he reflected on holidays – something of which, like most academics, I need more. As ever, his words inspired me above and beyond the call of the beach – and came at exactly the right time, as I contemplate an upcoming trip to the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research, followed by a short trip to Salt Spring Island.

Here’s a taster; the link to Dr Fraser’s full article appears here.

Holidays are, of course, originally holy-days. Not just ways of recharging our batteries so that we can return more effectively to the world of work. At best, they are about relearning enchantment. Discovering second innocence. There is nothing wrong with the intellectual astringent of hard-nosed empiricism, in the right place. But if the world is only populated by things that can be weighed or counted, then the world is too easily conscripted by material production.


Read, reflect, relax, and enjoy!