It’s end-of-term eve…

…which seemed like the ideal time to launch this blog, something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Two years ago I published an issue of Canadian Theatre Review (#147, summer 2011) dedicated to thinking about how performance makes a material difference to my teaching – not just as subject matter (I am a theatre instructor, after all), but also as pedagogical practice. That issue was called “The Activist Classroom”, and I’ve been thinking about what exactly it means to create and work and live in such a space ever since.

Summer isn’t a fallow time for my teaching; it’s a time when, fortified with space to breathe and time to reflect, I re-read entries in my teaching journal, explore new online teaching resources, share strategies with colleagues, and try to plan for a better set of seminars the following September. Expect, then, plenty of activity here in the medium term; first, though, I need to teach that final class.

Wish me luck.

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About Kim Solga

I am a university professor currently based in Hamilton, Ontario. I teach theatre and performance studies at Western University; previously, I was Senior Lecturer in Drama at Queen Mary, University of London. On Wordpress, my teaching blog is The Activist Classroom; I'm also a regular contributor to the popular blog, Fit is a Feminist Issue.

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