Feminist swag!

I’ve just published a review of Peggy Shaw’s recent solo show, Ruff, in the latest issue of  Performance Research (“On Affirmation”). PR is a scholarly journal published by Taylor & Francis; as part of their open-access policies*, T&F allow me to share this piece for free with 50 people. Just as Gerry Harris has done on her and Elaine Aston’s Drama Queens Review, I’m very pleased to make that offer available to readers of the blog. Click here for your free copy.

Regular readers will recognise part of this review from my post on Ruff last Spring; click here to read that one. And in the spirit of collaborative teaching, researching, and performance activism, I’d like to thank Keren Zaointz, the reviews editor for the journal, for the opportunity to reflect on Peggy’s new work in print, as well as Peggy’s longtime collaborator (and my dear colleague) Lois Weaver for sharing thoughts with me last autumn on the process of making the show.


(This is the promotional photo for “On Affirmation”. Oh yes.)

Enjoy – and feel free to pass the link along to others who might be keen!


*Open access is a complicated beast, too complicated for me to get into right here. But I’d like to note that, while I appreciate T&F’s opportunity to share my published work in their journals in this (limited) way, I do not, as an author, approve of the financial restrictions T&F place on my ability to reproduce my own work in other publications not solo-authored by me. The clause in my publishing contracts with T&F that stipulates my reprint rights and the potential costs of exercising some of those rights is to my mind both limiting and anti-collaborative, and I continue to insist it needs revision in order to be brought into line with the spirit of dynamic and interdisciplinary scholarship that open access is meant to support. I’ll do a full and less cryptic post on this issue in the near-ish future. For now, please download the review and enjoy, but don’t take this post as an endorsement of T&F’s policies on my part.

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