Managing stress, and getting it done

In five days I’ll get on my bike in Blackheath, London, and get off at the Eiffel tower (you know where). It’s been a steep, steep learning curve and a lot of very humbling hard work, but my life as a student rider is about to culminate in graduation to the next phase of my cycling career.

What did being a teacher help me figure out about how to ride an ultra endurance marathon? How are the stress management skills I learned writing my dissertation applicable to my life as an amateur cycling athlete – and vice versa?

If you’ve ever found yourself on the cusp of a big project and didn’t know how the hell to begin, click here and read on.

Wish me luck on Saturday!

L2P24 2012 - 215_0x100L2P24 2012 - 228_0x100

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About Kim Solga

I am a university professor currently based in Hamilton, Ontario. I teach theatre and performance studies at Western University; previously, I was Senior Lecturer in Drama at Queen Mary, University of London. On Wordpress, my teaching blog is The Activist Classroom; I'm also a regular contributor to the popular blog, Fit is a Feminist Issue.

1 thought on “Managing stress, and getting it done

  1. Wow! Just read your “Headspace Challenge” post. That’s quite the goal you’ve set, but I think you’re absolutely right on the mark about how applicable the diss-writing strategy of manageable chunks is to many other aspects of life. Good luck on each on your 35-mile chunks! Sounds like you are indeed prepared to achieve something great!

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